Welcome to the Home of Kage No Michi Ryu - Shinobi Bujutsu - The Way of the Shadow Clan - Stealth War Science. This Ryu - Clan is dedicated to the study of combat orientated arts. We are not a sport based martial art, defined, dictated and bound by rules and regulations. We are purely a Combat based Martial Art.
We pursue the arts of the ancient ways, the methods, application, strategy and practical battle tested ways of the Noble Arts that have been lost to time, replaced by watered down, ineffective & fantasy realm based Bullsh*t! We pride ourselves in teaching practical, efficient and effective means of defence and offensive tactics.
We are not a traditional or ancient style, or ancient "Ninja Clan" based on ancient ways, masked and shrouded in mystery. Ruled by mere traditions, however we do pursue the old ways. We are both the GO and JU, the Yin and the Yang. We take from the old and apply it to the new, as the saying goes "There is nothing new under the Sun.
                 Ancient ways of combat do not need ancient ways of thinking.
We live in modern times, the streets today are surrounded by criminals, thugs and gangsters etc. Who given the opportunity will take advantage of people who are unaware and unprepared for physical violence. Because of these factors we are in a constant state of evolution, change, adaption, improvising, overcoming, incorporating, surviving and modifying to these changes and changing weaponry, tactics and ever changing threats. The changes that occur on the streets, concrete jungles and in the school of hard knocks!
Our purpose is to teach simple, direct, deadly, efficient and effective methods of both armed and unarmed Combat. We are not a school for everyone. We are not a school for the faint of heart, the weak of heart, the lazy or undedicated. We take only those who are strong enough to endure the physical hardships of training, those who are prepared to eat bitter to taste sweet. To forge the blade of oneself, to forge one's Mind, Body and Soul. SHIN GI TAI.
This journey is not for all, it calls few, few reply, and fewer endure! We are not a black belt mill, or Mc Dojo, full of trophies, fantasy and fairy tales. We pay for our way in life through our blood, sweat and tears. We earn our way in Life and in the Dojo of Life.
If you are ready to work, ready to eat some pain, forge the blade, face life's many challenges, head the call of the Warrior, then this is a home for you, where you will forge and form bonds far greater than Steel and Iron! 
For the more you sweat in Peace, the less you will bleed in War.


Sincerely Yours
Kage No Michi Ryu - Shinobi Bujutsu









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